REGENERATE: How to Restore your Health and Rebuild your Body without Drugs or Surgery

REGENERATE: Heal Your Body Without Drugs or Surgery, Joel Baumgartner, M.D. paints the picture of a new model for healthcare that is changing the lives of thousands of his patients. Vitality, zest and quality of life are restored through this innovative approach that integrates leading-edge medical advances to optimize his patients’ health outcomes. Through optimization of each of the elements of the C.F.A.N. model, true health and healing is achievable and a new model for healthcare emerges, changing the landscape of medicine from disease control to disease prevention and reversal. This new vision of healthcare empowers physicians and their patients to heal and regenerate by using the body’s ability to heal itself, eliminate pain and REVERSE or better manage chronic disease, including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and body degeneration. These outcomes are possible without having to settle for cover up medication, harmful injections or unneeded surgeries. How does he know this is possible? He’s doing it.  His goal was to combine the science of medicine with the physiology and endocrinology.This book shares the practical knowledge physicians and patients need to regenerate wellness and, in so doing, become part of the movement toward next-level healthcare.   ADD TO CART »